Children are a gift, and newborns are particularly sweet. Of course, getting a gift for a newborn baby can be just as thrilling if one shops for the right gift. One ideal gift option for newborns is that of a hamper. Below, we take a closer look at just why a baby gift hamper is perfect.

A Gift Hamper: Why It’s The Perfect Gift for Babies

For starters, a gift hamper holds an assortment of gifts – whatever the occasion. In the case of a newborn baby, there are usually different kinds of items that are needed to ensure their earliest moments are indeed the sweetest. This need for a variety of items and the variety-pack nature of a hamper allows for a balanced meeting in the middle. In other words, you can purchase several baby-appropriate items to fill your hamper with. Here are some easy steps to help you gift the perfect hamper:

1. The baby’s sex

Even at the earliest stages of development, many baby items are designed uniquely for boys and girls. As such, knowing whether you are shopping for a boy or girl is a great start. Perhaps in the case of twins (or more babies) where each of the two sexes is represented, you can choose to design a balanced hamper.

Importantly, in today’s increasingly gender-neutral age, there are unisex hamper items are easy to find and build.

2. Useful items

Just about every item for babies is cute. However, not everything is necessarily important to the developmental stage or even the needs of the parent. So, instead of getting distracted by what is cute, consider what items are most practical or helpful. Think which items a parent would need immediately and having them on hand will help by the happy (but likely stressed parents) by time and worry a little less. Such items can include:-

– Baby shampoo and soap
– Baby oil
– Face cloth and baby sponge
– Teething toy
– Gripe water
– Dribble bibs
– Nappy bags
– Baby toothbrushes
– Cuddle and Dry Robes
– Weaning bowls and spoons

3. Think practical but add a little comfort

Thankfully, practical and useful need not be mutually exclusive. This makes stuffed animals an awesome final touch to your baby gift hamper. In the cases of teddy bears, for example, cute and functional go hand in hand as babies (and their parents) love teddies.

4. Don’t forget the parents

As parents take care of their little ones, they need to take care of themselves too. As such, including an item or two in your baby gift hamper that is great for the parents. An example of such an item is a scented candle. Lightly scented candles can be soothing for both parents and babies alike.

5. Get It Professionally Done

Of course, you can always opt to purchase your pre-selected assortment of items and pack your own hamper yourself. However, if this is not your forte, then there is no need to worry. There are countless service providers that will handle all of this for you. Simply tell them your needs and they will handle the rest.

And there you have it! Five quick and easy tips to help you gift the best baby gift hamper to the parents in your life.