Easy Children’s Gifts That Make Kids Happy

Let’s be honest here. Very few things can be as delightful to a child as a special gift delivered with love and encased in colorful wrapping paper. Some adults have the wrong impression that kids would only appreciate expensive and exotic gifts. Clearly, this is not true because most kids are not too keen on the prices of the gifts they receive. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a birthday gift or a gift on Children’s Day. A simple gift can put a huge smile on the face of most children. Below are some gifts that make children happy.

A pair of Binoculars

This gift is an all-time favorite for many reasons. First off, it is a delightful gift because it appeals to the child’s sense of exploration and adventure. Again, it is small and portable, and this means the child can easily carry it around. Another huge benefit of this wonderful gift is that the recipient can use it outdoors and this adds to the sense of fun. Buy a pair of binoculars for the child you love, and you would be delighted by that huge smile of appreciation on the face of the recipient.

Potted Plants

You should not underestimate your kids. Now, some people probably have the impression that potted plants are not the right gifts for children, but this is not true. Get a few potted plants for your kids and you would be teaching them biology, soil science, agriculture and environmental protection without making much effort. In this era of environmental awareness, it is never too early to start teaching your kids to care for the environment. Add the fact that this gift will keep your child positively busy and you understand why it is an excellent gift idea.

A piggy Bank

This is the era of the entrepreneur and the shrewd investor. Becoming a successful investor starts with the habit of saving money and knowing the value of every cent. This is why it pays to start teaching these skills to your kids pretty early in life. Buy your child a piggy bank and you will be killing several birds with just one stone. A piggy bank is a delightful gift because it helps the child develop a sense of having his or her own money. The piggy bank also helps your child understand the saving culture and the value of money. This is a great gift for your child so you should make it available.

A Science Experiment Kit

Every child is a budding scientist and any gift that will help kids look at life from a scientific perspective is an excellent one. Find the best science experiment kit in the market and buy it for the child you love. This gift will definitely broaden the horizons of the child and make the recipient smart, curious and interested in scientific matters.


Forget all the stories about computers and smart phones taking the place of books in the lives of our children. There is no chance that books will ever go out of style. A good book is a great gift for your child and the best thing about this gift is that there are books for children of all ages. You can buy a picture book, a story book or a poetry collection for your child. If you are going for story books, chose the ones with colorful pictures, strong characters and an interesting story line. Read these books aloud to your children and you will have lots of fun with them.


As you can see, gifts for children don’t have to cost the earth. use the tips in this article and you will get the perfect gift for the child you love.